Live at Sands Macao

Here comes the sixth solo talk show of Kevin Cheng!


Date:   17 October 2015 (Saturday)
Time:   8:00pm
Venue: Sands Theatre

he story is about a young man whose name is Cheung Chi Fung (Vong Tin Ian). His goal is going to be an excellent football player. He tries very hard in different way and never miss any chances he has. Finally, his dream came true and became a professional football player. But after an accident, he got depressed and couldn't get back on the right track. When different problems regarding friendship, love and career occurred in his life, will he still stick at his lifetime goal or face the reality?  

Date:   6-8 November 2015 (Friday-Sunday)
Time:   8:00pm
Venue: Sands Theatre

Direct from the land of K-pop, the Baby dolls are a gorgeous all-girl group performing scintillating moves to the latest hits.

Come and enjoy high energy commercial choreography performed to the latest chart topping hits by the sassy, strong and simply irresistible BACCARAT BABES! Electrifying and tantalizing; this dynamic western dance troupe will have you dancing in your seat with their high velocity shows.

Lifts, Dips, Dives and Flips are what you will see when the Salsa Sensation take to the stage. This acro-salsa champion troupe performs death-defying tricks between their lightning speed footwork that leaves you out of breath and lost for words!

Be amazed by the spectacular Colombian all Stars who will keep you on the edge of your seat with their contagious energy & exciting performance. This passionate & charismatic group will take you on a theatrical journey with out of this world acrobatics!

Come to Xanadu, the famous bar at Sands Macao Hotel where you can sit back, relax and enjoy performances, shows and entertainment from local and international performers. With glamorous dancing girls throughout the day and night, there's plenty to entertain you in this dynamic venue.

Internationally renowned singers, performers and artistes of the highest calibre are the stars of the show at the Sands Macao Hotel theatre. From traditional Chinese costumed dancers to modern performances, singing troupes, and contemporary bands covering everything from Western rock to Cantonese pop.